so how's the weather at Holland now?

Moogie, tell me what does these mean? I just know one of the gauges is for the wind.

Here's a live broadcast of the rain..

so red means very cold and rain? i forgot. hehe..
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  1. Ambres Says:


    what a nice find.
    From left to right, up and down:
    Wind direction- Wind speed
    air pressure-humidity
    the overall view of rain etc
    the more colour the more rain. If its red there is a lot of rain or even thunder.

    is there something like that for Philippines too?


  2. Moogie Seventh!

    hehe too bad i know of none. obviously the ph is not as advanced in some(!) ways.. either that or not interested that much in the weather. 8)

  3. Ambres Says:

    The Philippinos must not underestimate themselves.
    Well maby we are more a gossip culture (weather is nice intro hehe) I remember a quote; *when someone speaks about the weather im sure he means something different..*

    but Babe Moogie 7th!

    I miss you!!


  4. gee gossip. people here eat gossip for breakfast.. lunch and dinner esp with extensive hours on the weekends! ha! be prepared in a few months time babe! hihihi...

    miss you too.. *sigh*

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