It's raining cats and dogs in Manila now..

oohh honey.. i read that Camiguin almost never had storms. and actually consider "nill" hmm..

but here in Manila now its flooding.. and what a cute coincidence that i found this live satellite feed of the weather in the Philippines.

you can actually play with the map below and tour the world! cute huh!

©2008 NAVTEQ
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  1. Andrea Says:'s still a no go...unless I did that wrong? But, I don't think I did. Thanks for your help, but I just don't know what's wrong.

  2. ohh so sorry to hear andrea.. i would really like to help i think you're using the new blogger version xml thats why.. and im not familiar with it.. well i would keep in touch once i get to know a solution or something...


    My first time on your blog. I like your blog and the template. Its fabulous. Ciao.

    ~ Secret Diary

  4. shrey bhatt Says:

    nice blog dear i like it any way nice template
    keep it up

  5. thanks for the nice comments, shrey and secret! the cloud background is a photo made by Ambres. im working on another blog design for this but let's see in a few weeks. 8)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh My! This is really reliable. Red means thunder and so many red here now. ;-|


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