Dutch Mountains?

Valkenburg.. is this your surprise? Honey, I hope not!! You know I'm afraid of heights! And ok, I'm not "searching" for it. I just chanced upon these photos when searching for the Dutch castles we were talking about last night. Hee..

And I thought you said there were no mountains in The Netherlands? (Well none that I saw indeed)

Ok, ok I should go to bed now. Big Day tomorrow!

photo credits:
+ "The cable cart in Valkenburg" by Hans Viveen
+ "Kabelbaan Valkenburg" by Ron_S
+ "Valkenburg" by JeroenH '64

Moogie Seventh!

we were once just dreamers
looking at the sky..
floating -
in each others' virtual smile..

now we made our dreams come true..

as we keep on dreaming
and floating some more..
now we continue the journey -

with your hand in mine.

Happy Golden Monthsary!

Where In the World?

These are the places where we left our footprints behind..
Move your mouse over the image to see the places with pushpins.

What?:: Who?:: Where?
d*.*b- AmbresChina, Germany, London
d^.^b- VelvetNorthern Luzon
- Ambres & VelvetHolland, Paris, Versailles, Belgium, Manila, Palawan, Cagayan de oro, Camiguin

So where to next? Who Knows!