Dutch Mountains?

Valkenburg.. is this your surprise? Honey, I hope not!! You know I'm afraid of heights! And ok, I'm not "searching" for it. I just chanced upon these photos when searching for the Dutch castles we were talking about last night. Hee..

And I thought you said there were no mountains in The Netherlands? (Well none that I saw indeed)

Ok, ok I should go to bed now. Big Day tomorrow!

photo credits:
+ "The cable cart in Valkenburg" by Hans Viveen
+ "Kabelbaan Valkenburg" by Ron_S
+ "Valkenburg" by JeroenH '64
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Limburg is indeed so nice and lol Dutch mountains... everything that is higher then 10 meters is a Mountain here. But Love to go there and i have never been there on vacation. But thats not the place of my surprise.. If i can still book something there.. lets see in 2-3 weeks.


  2. 10 meters?! ha! remember the falls in Camiguin and the mountain we have to climb? (well, ok walk) lol..

    but hon its ok i dont really like to ride that cable thingy! waah!

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