Moogie Seventh!

we were once just dreamers
looking at the sky..
floating -
in each others' virtual smile..

now we made our dreams come true..

as we keep on dreaming
and floating some more..
now we continue the journey -

with your hand in mine.

Happy Golden Monthsary!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats so sweet Honey!! and the perfect Moogie day gift! and now lets hope they reward us too with that ..

    Love You Atomic!!

    ur Ambres

  2. Atomic Says:

    hmm.. 17:37. what a coincidence! i see the golden tower as of writing. nice light.. just like you babe

    glad you like the renovation. so, shall i have the kitchen renovated too? *giggles


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Haaa well do my house babe it can need some refresning too (or maby i better just cleaned it again.. ok let me do that tmrw the pizza leftovers of last week are laughing at me now.. they know me..)

    The tower is red now Hot as your love...



  4. Atomic Says:

    well at least they are just laughing at you. please dont wait for them to run after you ok! if they wait for me eh.. maybe they have little pizza babies then! 8)


  5. fonzick Says:

    i soo lurv this template its cool di ba? hehee

  6. Atomic Says:

    yes it is! and luv luvit! im planning of changing a bit the footer images to the places we've been to.. maybe this weekend.

    thanks for following btw!

  7. Hola me gustaria saber como has modificado la imagenes de la cabezera de esta plantilla, gracias! Escribeme a mi correo

    If you don't speak english, sorry i from spain.

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