World Record(s)?

Found this in a local newspaper "Manila Philippina mothers got togheter in a sportcomplex in Manila to promote breastfeeding. They all -more then 3500(? i miscut with my scissor dont know exact number)- got a number, to try to get in the Guinness Book of Records as "the biggest group of simultaniously breastfeeding moms"

lol and after your *.* posts "biggest shoe" and "worlds biggest painting" i was wondering is it coincidence or a hype in the Philippines? And is 'worlddominoday', very popular in The Netherlands, broadcasted there? We have the worldrecord look here. The new motto "Music in Motion" is the subject for 2006 pff i dont gonne watch that lol they even offered jobs for that brrr imagine all day putting up domino-stones waaaaah waaah lol i would get totally crazy.

btw did the moms above broke the world record?
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  1. hmm.. now time to add some stuff here... 8) thanks for these informative posts!

  2. *.* Says:

    honey, yes the moms above did made it to the guiness! And yep, 3,541 moms! gee..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Haa they did? found a funny well actual serious newsitem in the paper about PH where is it hmm messy here hehe


  4. Shea Says:

    no, I'm not a member of Fridays, but I would maybe like to join if you could tell me more about it and maybe give me the link, and thank you for your comment

  5. Marlowa Says:

    thank you for your visit and sweet words! a very good surprise!

  6. thanks shea and marlowa for droppin by..

    illustration friday is here and you can also drop by our main blogs as this has not been updated in a while. 8)

  7. There are certainly worse things 3500 women could be doing all at once in the same place...but what if a kid wasn't hungry?

  8. lol good point. i have to show this to my significant other *.* hehe..

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