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The people in the documentry

Some time ago there was a documentry on tv about dutch men looking for philippina wifes. This is the link documentry
To bad its not entirly subtiteld but its part of the fun, the 'embarrassing' man cant even speak speak english! and doesnt understand most of what the woman says.
Im curious how you all think of it. Some parts i couldnt watch. haaaa.
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  1. that happens a lot herein the uk too, men looking for wives from thailand, the phillipines etc. i think it's because the women here are so aggressive and demanding, the guys cant cope!

  2. I know married couples who'd probably be better off if they didn't speak the same language....

  3. oh just saw your comments now.. too bad the documentary is not online anymore.. but i believe it doesnt really matter what race or where each of the couple came from.. (or even how they met) they become one if and only if they felt they have found their missing half.. 8)

    and lol, there are "agressive and demanding" asian girls too! believe me! there are people who take advantage be it any sex or race. oh well.. hihi on a lighter side, when they speak different languages, the other doesnt know if he/she is being cursed to death or plaved under a vodoo spell or something. lmao!!!

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